5 Tips to Elevate Your Bedroom Design

Your bedroom should have a calming, dream-like atmosphere. But, do you find your bedroom to be more akin to a nightmare? If you have been delaying your dream bedroom design, don’t wait any longer. We have five tips that will help you get your makeover started. By tackling your bedroom step-by-step, you’ll realize what an impact the look and feel of your space will have on your life! 

#1 Stay Simple 

Tip number one can be easier said than done. Keep it simple. The bedroom should be a simplistic space, and we recommend removing any unnecessary furniture or pieces that don’t belong here. Maybe you have a chair solely used as a coat rack, a corner collecting miscellaneous items, or a desk that houses your computer and important papers. Keep the functional pieces in the space, and put away the superfluous items. You’ll be surprised how simplifying things can keep your space stress-free and improve your bedroom design. 

guest bedroom with modern desk, chair, and lamp with gray window treatments
Alustra® Architectural Roller Shades

#2 Design Movement 

Walking around your bedroom should be easy. As you remove unneeded items, keep a walkway to the closet, en suite bathroom, and dressers clear and open. The bed is going to be the biggest item in the room, so position it away from the door to maximize the space you have to move around freely. 

A neutral tone bedroom with alustra woven textures down the window
Alustra® Woven Textures®

#3 Customize the Windows 

There are those mornings when you intend to sleep in, but get awoken by sunshine flooding into the space. Your bedroom needs privacy and light control to create the perfect sleeping environment. Now, you know your home better than anyone. Maybe you have a streetlight that lights up your room at night, or you want to sleep in a little after the sun rises. As a result, you’ll easily be able to determine if your room needs room darkening or blackout shades. 

window covering solutions bedroom with room darkening shades
Applause® Honeycomb Shades

If you find yourself to be a creature of habit, consider smart shades! You can schedule your room darkening shades to raise or lower at different times during the day. For instance, they can stay closed until you wake up and remain open until the sun sets. Or, they can open to bring in the mid-morning sun, but close up for the afternoon to keep the heat out. Regardless of the schedule that works for your home, smart shades are bound to offer more control and privacy from the outside world.

#4 Prepare Levels of Light 

While the bedroom is predominantly meant for sleeping, it could also become your favorite spot for reading, watching television shows and movies, or conversing with friends and family on the phone. These activities may occur at any time during the day. We suggest incorporating various levels of lighting that can be adjusted to suit specific activities. Examples include placing a floor lamp next to a reading chair, or installing a chandelier above your bed. These lighting arrangements enable you to utilize the same space for different activities while tailoring the lighting to achieve the desired atmosphere.

Silhouette® Windows Shades

#5 Add Style 

When you walk into your bedroom, you want it to reflect your style, and it deserves it! Don’t put your bedroom design dreams on the back burner anymore, and start decorating. Maybe you stumbled upon bedding that you love, a paint color that you’re eager to see on your walls, or an area rug that is meant to make a statement. These design changes can quickly elevate your space, lift your mood, and create a nice respite from a busy day. 

primary bedroom with modern accents and very large window shades
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

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