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Enjoy your outdoor space without a hassle. These high traffic areas need special attention that won’t get in the way. With window treatments for sliding glass doors, french doors and patio doors, you can access the outdoor space of your Roseville area home while receiving solutions to fit the function of your space. Choose from Hunter Douglas glass door blinds, shades, shutters & drapery for vertical and horizontal options with operating features that fit your lifestyle and home.

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Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors, Patio Doors & French Doors

The glass door blinds, shades, shutters or drapery you choose for your Roseville area home should improve the look and function of the space. Because covering doors can present a number of challenges, from installation to the overall function, we’ve got important information for you to consider…

The Type of Window Treatments Used for Doors

Did you know that almost any type of window covering can be used to cover the doors of your home? It all depends on the specific layout of your home and the makeup of your door. While many homeowners assume that you have to pair sliding glass doors with vertical blinds, shades, shutters or drapery, you can also use horizontal shades, like romans, rollers or sheers–to name just a few. When it comes to french doors or patio doors, you aren’t limited–except when it comes to your door’s own unique needs. Normal shades can be used, unless the glass pane of the door is so large the installation area is restricted. In that case, we have a specialty system, called TrackGlide, which can be used to adhere a track on a very narrow frame, along the edge of the glass. This track glides the shades, allowing them to open, close and adjust seamlessly.

How to Attach Window Coverings to Doors

The attachment of window treatments for doors depends on which type of door, as well as which type of treatments you’ve chosen. Vertical blinds, shades and drapery all hang from a track, or rod, that is wall-mounted above the door. Horizontal shades, like roman shades or rollers, are installed similarly to the way window shades are outside mounted on a window. Patio and french door shades are installed by attaching the hardware right to the door, above the glass window pane.

Available Features for Door Coverings

Just like window shades, available with a number of features, window treatments for sliding glass doors, patio doors and french doors can be the same. Those features are dependent upon the type of window covering you choose and the size. Some of the most popular features are smart shades, dual shades, top down, cordless operation, energy efficiency and room darkening.

Whole House Coordination

If you’re hesitating to choose glass door blinds because you’re not sure if they should match the window shades in your home, you’re not alone. One of the most common questions homeowners have is whether or not everything should be the same. We like to focus on whole home coordination–choosing elements and fabrics that pair well together so that each window and door can get the right type of coverings. This will be the best way to help your home reach its potential while you also enjoy the overall look.

Don’t Forget about the Door Handles

One of the most important aspects of covering doors is choosing the right type of covering to fit your door’s function. The knobs and levels that are used to open and close patio doors and french doors are obviously an important feature, but it can be easy to forget about them. Our window covering specialists come to your home for your at-home consultation, and they take measurements. They also account for door handles and other design challenges so your investment works as intended. Shutters can be customized with door handle cut-outs that allow movement without disrupting function. Other blinds and shades will be custom-fit so the shade is low profile enough, or simply out of the way.

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