Room Darkening Shades

With room darkening shades, it’s not just a peaceful sleep environment. Take a nap in the middle of the day, block intense sunshine, or set up the perfect movie night in your media room. Discover LightLock™, the latest innovation in blackout blinds for your Northern California home.

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Designer Screen Shades
  • large floor to ceiling shades with cellular fabric window treatments
    Duette® Honeycomb Shades
duette honeycomb shades showing various levels of opacity and light control

Room Darkening VS Blackout

It’s a common question…”Which is better, room darkening or blackout?” The answer comes when you better understand what you need. Room darkening refers to spaces that have “most” of the light removed, where blackout is an environment where it’s hard to see in front of you. Fabrics can influence this, of course. But, it can also depend on the makeup of your windows, the type of window shades you choose and the way the coverings are installed.

room darkening dual shades offering light control for your roseville home

Dual Shades

Quickly becoming a favorite for room darkening blinds and blackout shades, the dual shades feature allows you to have the light-filtering shades you love–in roman shades, roller shades, or Silhouette shades. When you want it dark, a blackout roller shades drop down, blocking all light, creating the darkened sanctuary you’ve been dreaming of. It added invaluable versatility to the windows of your California home.

room darkening duette honeycomb shade detail with lightlock

Light Gaps

Light gaps can interfere with your light control, depending on how dark you need it. During the day, when blackout shades are lowered, you can sometimes see slivers of light appear along the edges, inside the window frame. This “halo” effect can be the result of the type of window shades, the make of your window, the depth of the window, or whether the window shades were installed with an inside or outside mount. For the highest level of light control, the LightLock feature seals out any incoming light. Another option is to add side draperies to the window to block the edges of light.

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Duette® Honeycomb Shades with LightLock™