Energy Saving Window Treatments

Do you need year-round comfort? From the intensity of our daytime sunshine, to the chilly nights of winter, you’re probably searching for the right combination of comfort + cost savings. Energy efficient window treatments will keep you from losing energy out of your windows!

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More to Know about Energy Saving Shades, Shutters & Drapery

In Northern California, it’s important to understand the way energy is lost or gained through doors and windows. We’d like explain why energy efficient window treatments can be a huge help towards the comfort of your home and the savings on your energy consumption, which can result in lower utility bills.

Heat Transfer

When the hot air outside your windows circulates past the cool of your interior–on the other side of the glass–the hot air can influence the cooler temperatures inside to heat up. This transfer of heat can cause your AC to run if you have bare windows. While better quality windows can reduce this transfer, energy saving shades, like honeycomb shades create insulating properties to protect your interior temps. When the hot air outside the window cannot influence the cool interior air, you won’t have that heat transfer.

Radiant Heat

This term refers to the heat that is created when the sunlight passes through the window. This occurs no matter the quality of the window, and this is why energy efficient window treatments are vital. Radiant heat is the result of infrared waves entering the home as solar energy. Upon hitting a surface–like walls or flooring, the surface continually heats up. In summer, during extreme heat, it can feel like the sun is baking your room. These hot spots are likely to be your pets favorite spot to bask in the sun. Unfortunately, as soon as the surface heats, the rest of the room begins to heat up without stopping. In this case, the sunshine needs to be prevented from entering your home. Any fabric that blocks the light from entering will help. But, some materials are better than other. In addition to that, innovative features of today’s energy saving window treatments will increase all ways of protecting your home against the sun’s energy.

When SHOULD the Sun Enter?

There are times when you might WANT the sun’s heat entering your home. Natural light is energizing and mood-enhancing. You don’t want to completely block the light from coming into your home. Here are some suggestions on which window treatments and features can improve the atmosphere with natural lighting, without compromising comfort.

Top Down Shades are a popular option for windows where the sunlight can create beauty–and turmoil. When lowered slightly from the top, the natural light enters, streaming across the ceiling. That results in the room brightening, along with the addition of protection from glare, heat and direct light. You also get to enjoy your privacy.

Dual Shades are another great choice for windows where you want to enjoy the sun, but block it, too. The front, light filtering shade can be in position when you want to diffuse the light, but still enjoy natural light and views. The secondary blackout shade can drop into place when the sunlight becomes too intense. With honeycomb shades, you can actually have your entire window covered with that cellular protection, while still being able to see outside. Then, when you want room darkening, the cellular portion can be adjusted in place.

Automation is everyone’s favorite feature right now. Not only are these motorized shades capable of integrating with your smart home system, it’s a smart move to bring them into your home because of energy saving options! Create a schedule for your remote control blinds. That way, you’ll enjoy the natural light when it’s cooler outside, and watch them close as the temperatures start to increase. No more hot afternoon sun blasting through your windows. They can operate with one tap control–or even voice control. The sky’s the limit with automated shades.

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