Cordless / Child Safe Solutions

Cordless / Child-Safe Solutions

Make safety a priority. Cords can be dangerous to children and pets. Dangling cords are tempting to play with, potentially causing serious injury. Protect the smallest members of your home with the latest safety features.

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Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades & Design Studio™ Drapery
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    Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades

LiteRise Cordless

Do you have children and pets in your home? Put safety in the palm of your hand with the LiteRise system. By using the bottom rail, you’ll adjust up and down to the specific position you’re looking for. They stay right where you place them–open, closed or in between. No hassle. No dangling cords. Just ease, convenience, safety–and so much more! So simple, even a child can do it–and they will! That’s why safety is as important as ever.

PowerView Automated Shades

Safety first with automated shades. Not only will you prioritize safety with these cordless blinds, you’ll experience custom lighting, privacy, energy savings, security, convenience–the list goes on! Start by considering the push-button ease of remote control blinds, or adjustments that happen with a tap from your phone. Then, discover the innovation of smart shades, like scheduled adjustments, saved settings and favorite features, as well as voice activated adjustments.

SimpleLift Cordless

No dangling cords at the window? Yes, please. When you want cordless blinds, the SimpleLift system is ideal. The blinds adjust when you press the button, located on the bottom rail, while moving the blinds up, down–or anywhere in between–with your hand. They stay right where you place them. The ease of this system removes the hassle of adjustments, as well as providing safety features necessary in homes with children and pets.

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Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades