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Large Window Solutions

Do you need customized solutions for your floor to ceiling windows? Our Floor to Ceiling blinds & shades offer diffused glare, protection from harmful UV rays, controlled privacy, and a barrier between the inside of your home and the intense heat and direct light…all while enjoying natural light & landscape views.

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  • High ceilings and windows with large window treatments in Roseville, CA
    Silhouette® Alustra® Shadings

The Key to Covering Large Windows

Having large windows is a major bonus in a home. You get gorgeous views, warm sunlight, and a space that feels light and open. On the flip side, covering large windows can be a challenge when you want to get all of the benefits the hold. Check out our questions as you ponder on which window treatments will be right for you.

Finding Solutions for Tricky Windows

Tricky windows can come in many forms. They have unique designs, specialty shapes, operation and layout challenges. The biggest challenge they present? How to cover them without losing what makes them special. Their shape, function, or size may make them difficult to work with, but we’re up for the challenge…

The Art of Balanced Light

It’s common to know what direction your home faces, but have you thought about how it affects your windows? It’s important to ensure there is balanced light throughout your home. The sun’s movement has a huge impact on how light exists in each room. East and West facing windows are easy ones because of how the sun rises and sets, but what about other directions or even a combination?

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