Large Window Solutions

Stunning Views, Beautiful Natural Light. The largest windows of your home add dynamic light and landscape views, but they also bring harsh UV rays, frustrating glare and an uncomfortable lack of privacy. You deserve to find the best window treatments for large windows in your Roseville area home.

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Vignette® Modern Roman Shades
  • large corner office glass windows fully covered by sheer drapery shades for privacy and glare control
    Luminette® Sheer Shadings
top down bottom up privacy


  • Landscape Views
  • Controlled Natural Light
  • Reduced Glare

The customized solutions provided by floor to ceiling blinds & shades will introduce the best atmosphere in your home, while keeping your annoyances at bay. Diffused glare, protection from harmful UV rays, controlled privacy, and a barrier between the inside of your home and the intense heat and direct light that we experience here in California…all while enjoying natural light & landscape views. Doesn’t that sound dreamy?

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Silhouette® Window Shadings

Find Out More about Window Treatments for Large Windows

It’s true…the beautiful sunshine and gorgeous views are what many California homeowners love most. After all, too much of a good thing is still TOO much. At California Window Fashions, our window covering specialists love to bring the solutions you need together with style that looks amazing in your home.

Details on Sizing

Depending on who you talk to, the definition of “large” windows can vary. And, it also depends on what type of window you are wanting to cover, from casement windows, to double hung–and even sliding doors, the details can affect which window treatments you want. In general, we consider a window that is wider than 48″ or taller than 72″ to be large. When it comes to covering picture windows or floor to ceiling windows, those automatically fall into the large window category, as well as sliding doors. They might be doors, but it’s still a “window” into your home. If you’re interested in looking further into specific sizes, we recently offered an idea of the largest sizing information in an article about window treatments for large windows.

Favorite Features?

It’s not just floor to ceiling blinds and shades that do the trick. Oftentimes, the benefits you love come from the features you choose to go along with your window covering choices. Because California experiences such flooding light and heat, many homeowners love choosing energy efficient window treatments for these windows. Another favorite feature is top down shades, which bring natural light in across the ceiling to illuminate the space, but the light and heat are controlled. Everyone’s favorite–Smart Shades–have revolutionized the experience of having large windows in your home. No more fussing with adjustments or baking in your home because you forgot to close the shades before leaving for work. Scheduled adjustments that occur without effort make your largest windows the easiest ones to manage.

Multiple Windows in a Shared Space

If you live in a home with various window sizes, you might be wondering how to outfit the range of functional benefits and operating features. You’re not alone. Many homeowners have open floor plan homes–or even just spaces in their homes–with a sliding glass door, picture window and standard size windows all sharing the same space. Trying to match all the window treatments doesn’t always serve the purpose of each window or door, and it certainly won’t meet all of your needs. We like to match the style elements with fabrics that pair nicely together, while bringing the proper function to each individual window. Your Roseville home will be beautiful, plus you’ll enjoy the atmosphere you deserve.

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