The Best Energy Efficient Choices?

Owning a home is no small feat. Chances are, you’ve had to do your research on the best energy efficient options for the products you’re buying. One top consideration is the windows of your home. They can let in a considerable amount of light, heat and harmful UV rays. Let’s explore the choices you have when it comes to covering them…

Features That Deliver the Best Energy Efficient Results

When choosing window coverings, benefits come from more than just the type of covering you choose. The features you select can increase the energy efficiency of your home.

Smart Home Control

Open to let in the warm morning sunshine. Close as the temps start to heat up. Intuitive control means that your shades are programmed to adjust in an effort to keep your home comfortable all across the day.

Dual Design

The two-in-one shade system of dual shades is a great way to make your home more energy efficient. You’ll get increased comfort, but you’ll also enjoy the spaces in your home more since the lighting will be customized.

Unique Shapes

Specialty windows and doors can often go uncovered because many homeowners don’t want to sacrifice the design–or, they just aren’t sure how to cover. Custom window coverings are designed intentionally for those tricky windows, and you’ll be able to avoid energy loss.

Top Down

Illuminating light comes into your home, but the bulk of the window remains covered for temperature, privacy and glare control.

top down applause honeycomb shades
Applause® Honeycomb Shades

How Do They Work?

Innovative Insulation

The cellular structure of honeycomb shades traps the air, acting as insulation. Other products prevent air flow by blocking it with fabrics, which also blocks the direct rays.

Detailed Design

Additional elements can be added to increase efficiency. Side channels guide the sides of the shades up and down during adjustments. But when closed completely, light and heat can be sealed off.

Smart Adjustments

You may already have smart home features. Smart shades integrate easily with your system to help your home reach its potential!

Excellent Craftsmanship

The best energy efficient window coverings are designed to withstand the elements. Exclusive finishes and fabrics are used to prevent damage and maintain a fresh appearance.

smart phone controls remote control blinds in Roseville CA home
PowerView® Automation


Our Favorites!

Honeycomb Shades

The highest rated energy efficient window coverings in the industry, cellular shades offer award-winning insulation against the natural elements.

Plantation Shutters

Framing the window to prevent light and air movement, shutters are an excellent way to protect your home.

Roman Shades

Some of the best energy efficient products are that way simply due to the fabric choices. Roman shades have prevented air and light from entering the home due to high quality fabrics with the right opacities.


Draped fabrics at the window can be an important way to block light and heat. Often used to frame the sides of the window with beauty and style, custom drapes can also play a role in protecting the interiors of your  home.

Roller Shades

Rollers have a long-standing reputation for blocking the sun, which can help keep out the heat. But, in an effort to increase that efficiency, Hunter Douglas introduced a new concept. The Sonnette™ collection combines the simple function of the roller shade with cellular pockets to trap the air, insulating your home.

close up of roman shades in living room california window fashions


What Other Benefits Come from Energy Efficient Window Coverings?

In addition to experiencing the best energy efficient results in your home, these window treatments offer many other benefits.

  • Improved sleep with room darkening
  • Increased safety with modern operating systems
  • Glare-free areas
  • Much-needed privacy
  • Smart home convenience
  • Daylighting without heat

Are you ready to experience the best energy efficient atmosphere in your home? Northern California receives an intense amount of sunshine–it’s time for you to do something about it! Get in touch with our team at California Window Fashions for your FREE consultation.