Bringing Color into Your Home

If you want a great foundation, it’s safe to always start with neutral home decor. However, what do you do after that? Incorporating stunning colors into your home allows you to put your personality into your spaces and define the look and feel of them. If you’re wondering what the best way to bring color into your home is, or which colors are trending, let us show you!

Colorful Furniture 

One way to incorporate color into your home is by adding upholstered chairs that come in bold hues. For instance, these mustard velvet-barrel-like chairs do just that. Not only does it add comfortable seating, but it also adds some fun to your space! It’s an excellent way to make a statement in a space that is predominately neutral in color. 


Cabinets and Wallpaper 

Don’t underestimate the power of how cabinetry can transform your space. Green cabinetry has grown immensely in popularity. Opting for darker green colors can highlight a certain level of sophistication, while lighter shades make a space feel more playful. Furthermore, pairing the green cabinets with wallpaper, like large-scale florals, can make the space feel softer. The blush pink and dark green balance each other perfectly and create a stunning final look. 


Window Treatments 

When selecting window treatments, neutral tones may feel like the best decision. However, you can bring color into your home by adding bold patterns or hints of color through your window treatments. You may select colorful drapery, roman shades with fun patterns, or a soft hue with honeycomb shades. No matter which way you choose, you’ll enhance the look of the windows while effortlessly livening up your space.

peach fuzz is the color of the year. Applause honeycomb shades

Simple Design Elements 

Adding color into your home is easier than you may think! Incorporating plants adds dimension and a lovely green hue. Area rugs aren’t just for bold style but also comfort. Artwork has the power to bring various colors into a room, while layered throw blankets paired with accent pillows showcase your style. Wallpaper and accent walls make a big statement in a space. With today’s peel-and-stick wallpaper, you can easily apply it and remove it when you want something different. 

Let’s Bring Color Into Your Home 

Do you have an idea that you like the best? Our team at California Window Fashions is here to help you make your colorful dreams a reality. We know the perfect window coverings for your home to meet your wants and needs. Contact us today and let’s get started!