Making An Entrance: Entryway Shades

Forget the welcome mat, entryway shades should be what invites your guests in. It’s about combining style and function right from the start. Natural light creates a welcoming atmosphere. But, your privacy equals comfort, so that’s a top priority for safety. Let’s walk right into some window covering features that would look great in your entryway.


Privacy with Light Included!

A great combination is natural, glowing light with privacy. More specifically, adjustable privacy. We strongly suggest the top down feature since it does make both possible. 

top down shades Hunter Douglas Folsom 95630
Duette® Honeycomb Shades

This type of feature even works great on two separate shades. It allows for individual operation to allow for a more customized light/privacy control experience. 

top down bottom up energy efficient window shades in roseville, ca
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

Light: Filtering to Blocking

Entryways that face the sunshine are in constant need of control. This can change from light filtering to light blocking. For this situation, we suggest sheer shades. They allow a large range of light control.

Hunter Douglas Sheer Shades

Silhouette sheer shades have the ability to cut the glare but still have the view-through sheerness. Most of these shades can reflect the sun for an increase in energy efficiency and privacy.

simple automation entryway shades
Silhouette® Shades

Luminette Privacy Sheers filter light and provide an outdoor view. If you want to block the light, it’s simple to just rotate the veins closed.  Homeowners highly rate these entryway shades for their sliding doors.

custom vertical luminettes on sliding door with coordinating shades in roseville, ca home
Luminette® Privacy Sheers cover the sliding door; Silhouette® Window Shades cover the large windows.

Specialty Windows

They look amazing, but uniquely shaped windows can be tricky to cover. In most cases they are also hard to reach which makes smart shades a great solution.

Applause® Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades come in first place for the most amount of features. They are well-known for room darkening, motorization, energy efficiency & more! They’re also a terrific way to cover uniquely shaped windows.


Narrow Door Frames

The Duette Shades collection has a unique option, TrackGlide. They are ideal for narrow doors and french doors. Because there might not be room for drilling hardware to install the shades, they are the perfect solution.

energy efficiency in open floor plan roseville home with duette honeycomb
Duette® Honeycomb Shades with TrackGlide™

Doors & Locks

Another thing to consider in choosing the best window covering option is where the handles or levers are–and how they are affected. Many of our collections include low-profile options so you can go in and out without an issue. Plantation shutters can be customized to avoid the issues handles and locks can introduce.

room darkening shutters on glass patio doors in modern master bedroom Rocklin, CA
NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters
rectangular door handle cut-outs on white shutters for french doors
NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters

Tackle Those Entryway Shades

Make an entrance with entryway shades! Let’s tackle your need for light control and privacy together. Our professional and excited team at California Window Fashions wants to help. Get a hold of us to schedule your free in-home design consultation today.