Our Clients’ French Door Shades, Blinds & Shutters

French doors add beauty, character, and function to home design. Whether they lead outdoors or to another room, you’ve probably wondered how you can cover them without compromising your natural light or view. We’re here to show you how our stylish clients went about dressing their doors. Want to see more?! Check out our Patio Door Solutions project on Houzz. In the meantime, take a look at the different styles and benefits of French door shades, shutters, and blinds.


French Door Blinds

French door blinds

These homeowners wanted to incorporate French door blinds into their design. They chose vertical blinds for their simplistic function and flowing style. They wanted their window treatments to coordinate with their design. Blinds were the perfect solution, since they’re available in an array of stain, paint, and fabric options. Blinds are a great choice for French doors because they’re easy to adjust, giving you instant control over privacy and light. The directional light control illuminates your space exactly how you’d like while protecting your home from the harsh UV rays. Choose your favorite operating system, like a wand, cord, or motorization. You simply can’t go wrong with dressing your windows in blinds.

French Door Shades

French door shades

This stylish client chose Honeycomb shades for their French doors. They wanted something that would match their design while adding energy efficiency. French door shades offer designer style, with their sleek profile and easy function. Certain shades, like the ones featured here, have insulating properties that will help you maintain a steady indoor temperature. Control your light and privacy with your choice of opacity. Let PowerView motorization adjust your shades at the touch of a button, or create a schedule of your favorite settings. And, don’t worry about the UV rays; your shades will protect your decor, floors, and walls from sunlight.

French Door Shutters

French door shutters

Shutters are a classic choice for window treatments. Our shutters are custom made to fit your windows perfectly, which makes them a top choice for glass and French doors. French door shutters will protect your privacy or allow you to enjoy your outdoor view–all it takes is a simple adjustment of the louvers using the hidden tilt. Direct the sunlight in your preferred direction. They’re sturdy and durable, making them a great option for high-traffic areas. Do you have French doors in your bedroom? You can secure darkness with blackout options. Maintain a comfortable, stylish environment with French door shutters.

French Door Shades, Blinds & Shutters: Pick Your Design

Which window treatment style speaks to you? Whether you want French door shades, blinds, or shutters incorporated into your design, we want to guide you through finding the right treatment for your style and everyday needs. We’ll show you different fabrics and designs, as well as the function of each treatment. Our team will make it easy to choose. Contact us at California Window Fashions for a free, in-home consultation.