Peach Fuzz: Color of the Year 2024

The Pantone Color Institute has chosen its new color and you are going to LOVE this gentle, warm hue! The Color of the Year 2024 is….drum roll please… Peach Fuzz! We can’t wait to show you the mark this lovely hue has been made on the design world already. 

Have you heard the Fuzz?

People have OPINIONS, and this year’s COTY is no exception! Love it or hate it, Peach Fuzz is the chosen one. Before you rush to judgment on the color “peach”, let’s look at all the different versions within the peach family- you may be surprised at how versatile Peach Fuzz can be. 

Cabinetry Trends

Give your kitchen a retro vibe with a fresh hue, try peach cabinetry. Take a look at how modern and sleek this kitchen becomes by pairing this vibrant shade with upscale marble and high end bar stools. Life is too short to live colorless.

peach cabinetry in this modern california kitchen

Add Style with Lighting

Look to stylish lighting to infuse the color of the year into your design. The copper globes bring Peach Fuzz into the design unexpectedly. And, when paired with chic chairs and a subtle yet complementary accent wall, you are well on your way to creating a sophisticated design. 

globes add subtle hint of COTY

Never Ordinary Walls

You can be bold or subtle in 2024 with Peach Fuzz. Here, this eye-catching wall feature carefully places this trendy peach within the ombre design. This unique mural creates a sophisticated upgrade to this otherwise ordinary bedroom. 

ombre peach wall incredible COTY design

Evolution of Color Partners

bathroom using peach fuzz within common color combo

The classic combo of black, white and red can sometimes look expected. As designers, we are excited when we see traditional color pairings evolving into new ones. See above. By replacing red with a shade of peach, this traditional combination gives the bathroom a lighter feel and this fresh new color combo looks incredible together!

How about Windows???

Turns out, windows are the perfect place to display the color of the year 2024! You guessed it, the soft peachy color treatments bring a peaceful feeling while conquering any window issues you have. These peach fuzz shades add a layer of fashion without overwhelming the rest of the room. The color of the year adds the subtle hint of color you need to complete your design. 

peach fuzz is the color of the year
Applause® Honeycomb Shades

Color of the Year 2024: How will you use it?

It’s all the buzz, this new shade Peach Fuzz! But has this fun hue won you over? Remember the color of the year 2024 is only a suggestion. You can play a bit in your own home and adjust this year’s color to work for you. Lighter or darker, we believe every home could use a lift from this fashion-forward shade. Still convinced peach is right for you? Get in touch with our window treatment experts for a FREE in-home consultation. Our stylists can help you choose treatments that provide function, fashion  and, of course, color!