Secrets to an Organized Home

What’s the secret to an organized home? At California Window Fashions, we’ve found that there is no secret, it’s just a matter of following 5 simple rules. If your new year’s resolution is an organized home for 2024, this is all you’ll need to do. (And, stick with it of course.

5 Simple Rules to an Organized Home

#5 Empty the room, take out EVERYTHING!

#4 Donate unnecessary items in good condition, don’t be afraid to THROW THINGS OUT!

#3 Separate like items into groups

#2 Use containers and baskets to keep similar items together as you add them back into the space.

#1 Accomplish ONE closet/room/area at a time.

Let’s put these steps to the test in some of the most unorganized places of our home.

One Closet at a Time

A closet seems like a small space, but boy can we pack it with STUFF?! Do we even know what’s in there anymore? Begin by emptying the closet, sort through all the items and add back only what makes sense. Remember to group like items together and use clear bins or baskets so you can find things easily. Closet organization is the best small step toward an organized home. 

closet in an organized home

The Everyday Entryway

Just to clarify, the everyday entryway is not where you greet guests, we all keep that neat and tidy! This is the entry your family uses daily. The one where kids are entering, pets are exiting, soccer balls are rolling…you get the picture. A busy, unorganized entryway can cause such stress- not the best way to enter the family home. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you commit to an “everything in its place” mindset this year, you will get your organized home. 

mudroom of an organized home
You can have an organized entryway by implementing these 5 tips. Be sure to set the family up for success by adding hooks to hang coats, cubbies for backpacks and shelves for shoes. Group together like items- a bin for baseball mitts or car keys, maybe. This area should be home to only everyday items you need, anything else can go. If it’s not golf season, why are there golf clubs in there anyway?!

The Kids Playroom

You can try your best to organize the kids’ playroom, but the next day, it’ll be right back to the way it was. The good news is that the mess doesn’t last forever, even though it may seem that way. So don’t be so hard on yourself. Along with the 5 rules above, we have one more for the parents out there. Here it is: Toss it, donate it or put it away for a while. This will reduce the mess and your frustration, kids will hardly notice what’s missing and if you want to bring toy back in the future it’ll be met with smiling faces. 

kids play room in an organized home in roseville
The Need for Productivity?

If you want to succeed in your quest for a more organized home, you’ll need extra energy. For that, we do have a secret. Increase your productivity by improving the atmosphere of your home with window treatments. That’s right.  Natural light improves our mood and increases productivity, but too much sunshine coming in can be exhausting. We can help you manage that.

allustra shades in an organized home is roseville
Alustra® Woven Textures®

Let the professionals decide which coverings would be best for your organized home. Will you need light filtering, room darkening or privacy shades? Create the ideal home for the new year and get in touch with us for your FREE consultation.  People will wonder what your secret is.