Relief from the Intense Heat with Window Coverings

The middle of July shows us some pretty hot temperatures here in the Roseville, CA area. With temperatures near, and breaking the 100 degree mark, it’s important for your home to provide you with some relief from the intense heat. If your home isn’t as cool as you would like, or your energy bills are skyrocketing, Alex and his team at California Window Fashions has information to share with you – window coverings can help!

Is your air conditioning system running around the clock?

While summer brings intense heat from the California sunshine, it also brings along a sharp increase in energy bills. The bright sunshine that enters through your windows can drastically increase the temperature inside your home. This means your A/C is constantly running, and your energy bills will reflect that! Blocking that light from entering will produce a dramatic reduction in your energy bills. Window coverings can block the direct sunlight, allowing your home to stay at a comfortable temperature. The team at California Window Fashions has some great solutions for your home, providing you with much needed relief from the intense heat, while your A/C unit also receives a break!

Can window coverings really insulate your home?

Yes, and California Window Fashions has solutions for your biggest challenges! With your energy bills rising, even if you have some type of window covering, it might not be enough to counteract the extreme temperatures we are facing. Your windows can also be a contributing factor. Older windows can allow hot air into your home, as well as offering a hot surface area that can increase the temperature of the cool air moving past. The only way to combat these factors is with insulation. New windows are not the answer; while they may improve some insulation, you may be disappointed in the lack of results. To find relief from the intense heat, your home needs energy efficient window coverings that will block the direct sunshine, while creating a seal against warm air entering and a barrier for the hot surface area of your windows. The cool air stays cool, and your home does, too!

So many windows…where to begin?

It can seem overwhelming to think about all the windows in your home, but it need not be. The team at California Window Fashions has suggestions, tips and advice to help guide you with your selection. They also have advanced knowledge of factors that affect your home, such as the location of your windows, the fabrics and materials that will provide you with the highest success and the ideal products to solve your window covering needs in this part of the country! Not all windows are created equal, but they are the most important part of finding relief from the intense heat this summer! Contact Alex and his team for a free, in-home consultation.