Soft Shutters: The Versatility and Innovation of Pirouettes & Silhouettes

If you love shutters, you might also love what we call, “Soft Shutters.” These window shadings offer the clean lines of shutter louvers with the favorable details of fabric shades…


The classic tradition of clean lines, offering the sophisticated charm that makes a house into a home. With the convenience of easy-clean finishes, straightforward operation and timeless style, shutters are a welcome addition to any home.

gray living room with white interior shutters in Rocklin, CA
NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters

Innovation of design has brought about the creation of new products that can give you the timeless, classic beauty of shutters, while enjoying all of the benefits of fabric window shadings. We know that shutters are not the ideal window treatment for every room in your home. We are pleased to introduce you to – what might best be described – soft shutters. Two of our premier shadings, Pirouette and Silhouette, are taking center stage to offer you amazing versatility for design and function, with the sophisticated appearance of shutters.

The Beauty of Pirouettes

Pirouette window shadings feature soft, fabric vanes. These vanes, while floating horizontally in place, attach to a sheer backing, allowing the entering light to transform from a harsh glare to an ambient glow, dispersing natural light evenly around the room. The fabric vanes easily tilt, for personal adjustments.

automated pirouette shades on floor to ceiling windows in Lincoln, CA
Pirouette® Window Shades

Upon closing, the fabric vanes come together to present the look of a shade, with levels of room-darkening for the ultimate in light control, privacy and UV protection. The horizontal vanes present the classic look of shutters with the contemporary feel of shadings. Beautifully highlighted with an extensive collection of fabrics, the opportunity for complementary design allows you to coordinate your entire space.


The Sophistication of Silhouettes

Silhouette window shadings feature the Signature S-Vane, allowing the sheers vanes to invisibly float for an experience of view-through like none other. The clean lines and organized structure of Silhouettes is contrasted by the soft sheer fabric that welcomes in the natural light, diffusing it as it enters, to create the perfect atmosphere.

floor to ceiling blinds for large exterior wall of windows in el Dorado Hills, CA
Silhouette® Window Shades

Adjusting & closing the vanes allows for an increase in privacy and light control. But, the latest addition adds levels of room-darkening for an unbelievable combination. Silhouette with Duolite® is the revolutionary new concept from Hunter Douglas that features two shades sharing a common headrail. When closed, the roller shade sits between the window and the Silhouette window shading. This offers some of the highest levels of light control, privacy and UV protection. Independent functioning allows you to raise the roller shade completely into the headrail to enjoy an unobstructed view.

Dual shades offer the best of both worlds for your Northern CA home
Silhouette® Shades with Duolite®


Are Soft Shutters for You?

We love our shutters, and we know you do, too. But as much as they appeal to everyone, they just aren’t for every room. We receive an intense amount of sunshine here in California. There are times you need to filter it, transform it and even block it out. The versatility and innovation of Pirouettes and Silhouettes allows you to add the highest levels of privacy and light control.

sheer shades above kitchen sink in Folsom CA
Pirouette® Window Shades

The design options will create a coordinated, contemporary harmony throughout your home. Each of these shadings offer choices for operating features to best fit your lifestyle. This includes PowerView® for the ease and convenience of home automation. Contact our team at California Window Fashions for a free consultation to learn more about the features that Pirouettes and Silhouettes have to offer.