The Story of Blue: 7 Rooms of Inspiration

If you’re looking for a color that’s always on-trend, you’ll find it in blue. Cooling, calming, and ripe with beauty, shades of blue are continually at the forefront of design. Perhaps it’s because blue evokes the sense of peace we’re always longing for or because it’s vast and freeing–like the ocean and sky. Whatever the reason, the story of blue is one that’s worth telling in your home. Do you have a room that could use a dose of blue? From soft and subtle to dark and sophisticated, blue can push your style to the next level. Let’s explore seven rooms and how you can use blue throughout your home.


story of blue

There’s nothing better than coming home after a long day…especially when you walk into a space that fills you with complete calm. A blue entryway is one that will welcome you home every time. It creates a light, airy feel that’s wholly refreshing. And the story of blue doesn’t have to stop on the walls. Carrying it through the accents and keepsakes in your space, like they did here, will enhance your styling with depth.


story of blue

Do you spend a lot of time in the kitchen? If so, you’ll appreciate the inviting atmosphere blue can create. It’s easy to stay awhile in a welcoming space, and that’s the story of blue in this kitchen. The eye-catching pop of the cobalt chairs draws you in, while the soft blues in the backsplash encourage you to stick around. And the best part? The blue tones in the tile are ones that will pair easily with any accent color over time.

Living Room

story of blue

The story of blue isn’t all fun and fresh. There’s a dark side too…and it’s incredible! Bringing sophistication and depth, dark blue tones will truly impress. The key is to design with intention. In order for it to work, you must carefully select every element. Here, the deep blue wall color is balanced with contrast from the white ceiling, mantle, chairs, and light-colored flooring. We absolutely love how the design comes together to highlight the character of the home and how the large mirror pulls the antique chandelier into focus.


story of blue

With its ties to water, blue is a natural color choice for the bathroom. You can stick with a more traditional blue, or shift slightly on the color wheel to savor the beauty of aqua. This master bath wears the story of blue like ocean waves. Soothing calm rushes in, and all of life’s worries get washed out to sea. As for the skylight, we can’t think of a better way to experience natural light while maintaining privacy…unless, of course, you outfit your skylight with smart shades. One touch of a button on your smartphone, and you have just the right amount of entering light.


story of blue

There’s no better setup for success than a working atmosphere that surrounds you with peaceful tranquility. And, there’s no better color to do that with than blue. Known for its power to reduce stress and bring a sense of order and calm, the story of blue is the perfect one to tell in your home office. We love the soft blue walls and soft fabric shades in this space. As you plan for your own home office window treatments, remember to consider how the light interacts with the room. Sheer shades can help keep glare down and your energy-levels up.

Dining Room

story of blue

Have you heard of the “fifth wall?” Painting your ceiling with the same color as the walls, or an accent color, is one of the biggest trends in home design this year. And we can’t get enough of it! In this dining room, the story of blue extends from floor to ceiling for a look that’s pure elegance. Keep in mind that traditional white ceilings tend to brighten a space. So, painting the ceiling can make the room appear darker. Here, the draperies hold the light at the window and don’t do much to combat the glare. For rooms like this, we suggest top down shades. They’ll bring fresh daylighting across the ceiling while also reducing glare and direct light at eye level.


story of blue

Given its relaxing effects, the story of blue is classic for the bedroom. Finding the perfect, calming shade to coat the walls would be the customary way to go. But, you have so, so many more options! You could splash the walls with a vibrant turquoise or rest your head surrounded by a fabulously blue wallpaper design. Another option is to pick a single wall to hold the hue. We adore the rich blue grasscloth on this accent wall. Gorgeous, dramatic, and full of style, it complements all the neutral elements and contrasts beautifully with the bright white. You know what else we love? A good night’s sleep. These roman shades blend well into the space, but blackout blinds, shades, or shutters are best for helping you achieve the ideal sleeping atmosphere.

The Story Of Blue: Tell Yours Today

Which blue tones speak to you? What design elements inspire you? Are you ready to tell the story of blue in your home? We’d love to know! Our team at California Window Fashions is here to help you enhance the style of your home and create the perfect atmosphere. The right window treatments can do just that while also providing the solutions you need–from ideal light and privacy control to UV protection and beyond. Contact our design experts for a FREE, in-home consultation today!