Automating Your Home with Window Treatments

Do you have any smart home features in your house? They can add a whole new level of convenience to your everyday, implemented in many different ways. With smart shades, you can say hello to automating your home this summer! California Window Fashions is passionate about helping you find the perfect treatments for your home, and smart shades are often a crowd favorite amongst our customers. 


Start Your Day Off Right

Rise and Shine…Or sleep in awhile! With the sun rising so early during the summer months, it’s hard to sleep past 6am, unless you have the right shades in place. Smart shades allow you to set them to a schedule. Meaning, they can open right as your alarm goes off–and not a minute sooner! The PowerView® app helps you to adjust your shades however you want them, depending on the time of day, with a simple tap of a button. 

Modern kitchen with motorized shades half drawn.
Applause® Honeycomb Shades


During the Daytime

Just think, when you leave for the day, your smart home window treatments could automatically close, adding more privacy, security, and UV protection to your house while you’re away. You can even choose to keep the window above the puppy’s afternoon nap spot open to ensure they’re still comfortable while you’re away. 

Pet enjoying their sunny spot under the shades.
Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades


While You’re at Home

This last year found many of us spending more time at home when everything closed down. Setting the day up for success, for the entire family, is key! After breakfast when the kids are settling in for virtual school and you’re in your office for a bit, all the windows can switch to a filtered, soft glow. This way, the view is still visible but there won’t be any pesky glare firing across any screens. 

Smart shades in home office Roseville, CA

Nap time for any little ones will also be simplified with their bedrooms being automatically dark when it’s time to catch an afternoon snooze. Right when the working day is done, all the shades can head back to the top of the windows, letting everyone know it’s time to relax a bit. 

Settling in for the Evening

Even if you’ve been gone all day, your smart shades can greet you when you walk back in the door. The whole family can gather around and catch up on the day in the cozy lit dining room. Then, after the stunning sunset, you can use a simple voice command to close the shades, enjoying a movie night together. When everyone is off to bed, the bedrooms will already be dark, helping everyone settle in that much quicker. 

cover floor to ceiling windows Hunter Douglas Roseville 95678
Designer Roller Shades


Time to Start Automating Your Home

There’s no secret how much convenience and ease smart shades can add to your home. Our team is here to help with automating your home. From picking out the treatments all the way through install day, we will be there to help you and show you just how these window treatments can work for you! Contact us today for your FREE consultation.