5 Bedroom Trends You’ve Gotta See!

Is it time to treat yourself? The top bedroom trends of 2017 are full of cozy comfort, chic style and flowing design. We’ve chosen our favorite five to show you how you can turn your dream bedroom into sweet reality! Which of these bedroom trends are you loving?!?!


Green Design

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Where would we be without nature itself? In this world of technological advancements and overly fast-paced lifestyle, getting back to nature is something we could all use more of. We are seeing greenery as one of the top bedroom trends this year. When the Pantone Color Institute named it Color of the Year 2017, they were spot on! Not only do shades of vibrant green add the perfect pop in home design, but actual greenery is taking the lead. Plants have long been known for the added benefits of purifying the air. But, they also bring a peaceful feeling into your home–ideal for your bedroom environment!


Rustic Charm

Speaking of nature, one of our favorite bedroom trends this year has to be distressed, wooden planks. If you’re an avid HGTV fan, you’ve been loving the chic look of shiplap for awhile now. Bringing a hint of rustic charm, while adding the contemporary appeal you’re going for, an accent wall of wood is perfect. Not ready to do the wall, but love the look? There are lots of ways to bring in this style. A vase of branches, a distressed piece of furniture, vintage wooden frames–all of these accents will add to the overall charm of the space.


Layers Upon Layers

Beautiful Bedrooms

We’re not sure that layering will ever go out of style. The layered look, especially in the bedroom, allows you to style your space with the ideal combination of complexity and comfort. We love how the combination of shades or blinds with drapery side panels both frame the window in style while adding incredible function! Layers bring dimension to your space, whether that’s at the window or throughout other elements. Bedding adds its own style, and the more textures you bring into play, the more complex the design becomes.


Quiet Minimalism

If there’s anything you want for the environment of your bedroom, it’s peace, quiet and calm. The minimalist movement in home design has taken shape due to an overwhelming feeling that results as “stuff” accumulates. De-cluttering, organizing and getting rid of items you no longer want or need can be refreshing. And, as an added benefit, it leaves less cleaning for you! It’s much easier to relax in a tidy space–messes can lead to an anxious, chaotic vibe. Go simple with what’s in your bedroom, and you’ll sleep better at night.


The Wow of Wallpaper

There’s a reason wallpaper was a stylish trend for so long. Beauty, personal style and a custom look are perfect for designing a space you love. Today? Wallpaper is back in a big way! And, we are loving the look as part of our top 5 bedroom trends. Contemporary designs have you choosing from luxurious textures, timeless patterns and sweeping prints. As one of our favorite bedroom trends, we see wallpaper as a way to create a sanctuary space that speaks to your heart. The added benefit? Wallpaper innovations are making it easier than ever to use–and remove when you’re ready!


Get the Top Bedroom Trends…

Are you looking to add natural accents like wooden elements or greenery? Does the thought of minimalism and organization make you feel at peace? Are you ready to add layers at the window? Our team at California Window Fashions is here to help you create the perfect atmosphere in your room with this year’s top bedroom trends. Design and function work together–and we know how to help you create a space that’s not only beautiful, but adds incredible benefits to your life! Get in touch with us for a free, in-home consultation today!