Creating Cozy Spaces in Your Home

We think creating cozy spaces turns a house into a home. Whether you have an open floor plan, or designated rooms throughout, include design elements that enhance the atmosphere of your home. Invite that warm, cozy feeling into the small spaces of your home with some of these incredible home decorating tips.

Ceilings Matter

An open concept home, or one with high ceilings, can feel very spacious. How can we create cozy spaces within? The answer comes from up above. Darkening the ceiling is key. Deliver that intimate atmosphere with paint, wood accents, beams or wall paper. This simple adjustment will make a world of difference. 

side drapery panels and window shades layered in a cozy modern dining room
Provenance® Woven Wood Shades

Window Treatments: Darkness has its place in your life, when it’s time to settle down at night or snuggle up for movie night. But come Monday, when you need to be productive again, you’ll want sun exposure to get your day going. Layering of window coverings offers levels of control, no matter what you need.

Intimate Moments

Creating cozy spaces makes intimate moments more enjoyable. Even if your home has large open areas, arranging a small table with comfortable seating can give off a cozy vibes. Shut out the outside world with textured window shades that add a layer of warmth and set the tone. Complete the look with perfect lighting, this chandelier is magic. 

covering corner windows with panel track blinds in Roseville CA
Skyline® Panel Track Blinds

Window Treatments: Sure, your view is amazing, but sometimes, all you need are the people in the room. The ability to access cozy spaces in your home is important at times. Change the atmosphere in an instant with automated shades to set the mood. 

Design with Purpose

Enhance your life at home with cozy spaces throughout. Upgrade a window seat with plush cushions, blankets and pillows or dedicated a space to watch the sunrise with your morning coffee. Make sure your ideal home is filled with intimate spaces that can transport you from the everyday hustle and bustle to a state of relaxation.   

cozy feeling with textures shaes in roseville
Alustra® Woven Textures

Window Treatments: Small spaces require the right amount of light control to help you relax. Choose window coverings that invite soft, glowing light to filter in. This way, the harsh glare won’t chase you away from your cozy retreat. 

Design Elements for Cozy Spaces

It takes the perfect combination of design elements, materials and fabrics to create cozy spaces. Begin with an area rug to warm up the room, add pillows, blankets and a layer of seating. To complete the overall vibe, levels of lighting are key. Quiet, soft lighting such as table lamps, sconces or lanterns allow you to adjust the atmosphere for any circumstance.

Provenance® Woven Woods

Window Treatments: Woven materials are a beautiful way to render a warm, cozy feeling in your home. They add both texture and filtered light to your space.

Adjustable Lighting

Have you heard of ambient lighting? It’s lighting that changes temperature over the course of the day. It starts out cool and bright to support productivity and increased energy, but by afternoon and evening, the light becomes warmer, mimicking the natural sunset, creating a cozy comfort. Harness this concept for your own home, even with your shades drawn. Aura Illuminated Shades are equipped with LED strip lighting that creates mood and atmosphere at the window, adjusting from cool to warm at your command. How’s that for innovation?

light illuminated window shades in a modern home and leather couches
Designer Roller Shades

‘Tis the season to design cozy spaces. Our design experts can help create the perfect intimate spaces for you to enjoy in your own home. Enhance the atmosphere of your small spaces with woven woods and incredible textured fabrics that will upgrade the look and feel of your home. Get in touch with our team and begin the process with an in-home consultation today.