Designing Kids’ Rooms for Each Stage and Age

The sheer thought of designing kids’ rooms can seem like an exciting adventure for parents. But, it’s also easy to get overwhelmed by the choices. Today, we’re breaking it down for you–let’s explore what it takes to create a great space for your kids to enjoy over time…

The Colors

Paint colors are a crucial part when it comes to creating spaces in your kids’ rooms. The best way to ensure that this space continues to be enjoyed is to select a neutral color to start with. If you want to incorporate colors, you can always add bright accents as they grow through these stages!

Two sets of twin bunk beds on either side of a neutral room with neutral coloring. There is a black trim window in the far right side of the photo and dresser with a plant.

Create an Accent Wall 

If you want to create a space that is stylish and also plays to your children’s interests, think of adding an accent wall! There are some wall features that can be changed easily throughout the years while others can stay in place. If you are looking for a simple way to bring in color and accents, consider a wall decal. 

A nursery that has a white crib in the right side of the photo, neutral walls, neutral wood floors, two modern black trim windows and a tree wall decal on the left side wall

Another option is wallpaper. We all know that wallpaper can really highlight personalization, especially in a kids’ room. It can be added to a single wall, all four walls, or the ceiling. The best part about modern wallpaper is that they are user-friendly! Their easy-to-install and easy-to-remove nature makes the wallpapering process a walk in the park. 

a wallapper girls bedroom with a fuzzy egg chair in the corner with big decor

For a more permanent option, consider wall treatments crafted from wood. Examples include paneling or wainscoting. These features can be fashioned using materials like shiplap, board and batten, or a half-wall design. The remarkable aspect of these wall treatments is their adaptability. A simple coat of paint has the power to shift their appearance as your child matures.

Modern windows on the back wall are the backdrop of a modern bedroom. The bed on the left wall has gray board and batten and a neutral bed frame.

Adding Stylish Elements

As parents, we navigate a delicate balance when it comes to our children’s living spaces. We strive to achieve a room that provides a space for childhood joy and crafts a stylish environment that appeals to both kids and adults. Fortunately, there are various ways to incorporate designer touches that can evolve over time. These may include accent pillows, lighting fixtures, wall art, window treatments, and area rugs.

A neutral wall color girls’ bedroom with a chandelier, soft pink curtains, a pink rug and a canopy frame twin bed

Incorporating Functional Storage 

Over time, the collection of toys and stuffed animals a kid has warrants the need for storage. Your intention could be to instill the habit of tidying up after playtime or ensure that the clutter remains out of sight. Thus, having sufficient storage is a must.

A modern tween bedroom that has built in modern shelves on one wall and a built in desk.

Art, Reading and Writing

Work changes as kids grow older. As children, they need the space to color. As they enter high school, they need space to do homework and prepare for finals. It is crucial for them to have a designated area for this work. 

A modern bedroom with bright green built ins on either side, a colorful bird wallpaper behind the full size bed and a built in desk to the right wall with a window above it. The bed has a black patterned bedspread and an orange accent pillow.

Another way that parents can establish an area that is meant for concentration is by creating a reading nook. This can be accomplished with a window seat or a hanging chair. 

A hanging chair on the opposite wall of a wooden wall design and modern decor improves the look of kids' rooms

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep 

Sleep is important for any stage in life. Babies have sleep schedules, kids wake up early, and teenagers tend to stay up too late. It is crucial for their developing brains. One specific way to greatly encourage sleep is by creating the perfect atmosphere. This can be done by incorporating room darkening or blackout shades. 

A bedroom with Applause® Honeycomb Shades that cover the windows. There is a twin bed to the right of the photo and there are gaps of sunlight coming through the windows

Safety is Key 

Your child’s room is a sanctuary. It is where they spend a lot of their time. It is important to think about the safety features needed in these rooms as they grow. For instance, blind cords are known to cause injury. Surprisingly, it’s not necessarily the babies at risk but the curious preschoolers. To give your mind a rest, update your window coverings to have child-safe cords or cordless shades. You will thank yourself for it! 

A built in bench in kids' rooms with two windows and a girl looking outside

Our team at California Window Fashions is ready to help you create the perfect space for your kids’ rooms. Parents have enough on their plates so we are eager to assist you in selecting prints and patterns that add personality to a room or the right window coverings to aid in a good night’s sleep. Contact our team today to schedule a FREE consultation.