Decorate Your Home…We Can Help!

Fall is upon us–do you know what that means? As the weather and landscape changes start to occur, it’s the perfect time to decorate you home! Decorating your entire home can seem a little daunting to some–maybe even overwhelming. We are here to help you! We have two different ways to show you how you can enjoy the process and make it as simple as can be.

Choose Which Method Will Work for You

When we think of decorating a home, two different methods come to mind. The first could be referred to as creating a “common theme.” This system is best for open-concept homes because all of the rooms flow together.  Each room has a similar feel and style to it. To easily achieve this, think of implementing the same color palette, decor and finishes into each room in your home. This type of decorating will leave your home feeling very open and cohesive.

Cozy living room with plantation shutters that are perfect to decorate your home.

The other method we want to introduce you to is “spatial personality”. This second way that can be used to decorate your home means that each room will be curated with its own style, each providing a different atmosphere or focus.

Let’s Get Started

Shades are the perfect way to decorate your home in Rocklin, CA.

Now that your method to decorate your home is chosen, it’s time to get started! This process may be completely foreign, so here are a few elements that will help set the tone and show your personality.

Your Color Palette Everything is about color! Whether you prefer the brightest pops of color splashed everywhere, or you really love neutrals and wood tones… the options are endless! It’s time to decide which color palette will best fit and appeal to you and your family for years to come.

Your Walls Do you want to just paint your walls? That’s great if you do, but take your time selecting the perfect color, making sure to observe it throughout the day to see how the lighting affects it. Many people may not know this, but textured walls are well on the rise! Whether it’s shiplap or beautiful wallpaper, this can always be a showstopper!

Family in their Rocklin, CA sitting room planning to decorate their home.

Your Window Treatments Your windows are often the focal point of your home–as they should be! They allow natural light in, as well as the view of your beautiful backyard. Your window treatments should just heighten this feature even more!

Decorate Your Home with Whole House Solutions!

Does your home have any “out of the ordinary” windows? Think bay windows, arched windows, or even floor to ceiling. Your typical store doesn’t have custom solutions for those specialty windows, so now you’re feeling discouraged. Don’t fear! With our custom window treatments, you can pick out the perfect whole house solutions.

white kitchen blinds on windows and sliding glass door Lincoln CA

With our extensive collection of fabrics, you can easily create the ideal style and atmosphere in each room. Better yet, the fabrics can cross many collections! That means you CAN have it all!

Contact us today to get started on the process of decorating your home. Our team at California Window Fashions would love to help, reach out today to schedule your FREE in-home consultation.