A Feel Good Home that Reaches Every Sense

Creating a space that makes you feel at peace every time you step foot in the door is so important. A feel good home, in our opinion, is one that reaches all five senses. Connecting with these senses will turn your home into the oasis that is perfect for you and your family.


Start with Sight

Sight is often the first, and sometimes only, sense that people take into consideration when designing a space. While we think it’s a great place to start, there is certainly room for all five to make their appearance and share the spotlight. With sight, it’s just as important to include certain design elements, as well as eliminate others.

  • Minimize clutter to reduce anxiety.
  • Create color accents with bold colors or contrasting darks with neutrals.
  • Choose decor pieces that speak to you.
  • Define your space with clean lines or curved pieces.
living room with designer screen shades
Designer Screen Shades

With us being experts in the window treatment world, of course we have window coverings to recommend for you. Heighten your senses, especially sight, with the right shades, blinds, or shutters that will help to control the light to reach your ideal atmosphere.


Lend an Ear to Your Style

Auditory design elements can help to fill in the background of a room. Too much quiet can almost seem unnatural. Adding subtle sounds to a space, such as white noise, flowing water, or a speaker playing your favorite music can help to add to the serene atmosphere.

brown room darkening vertical shades in northern california
Cadence® Soft Vertical Blinds

To reduce outside noise, consider adding window treatments. Certain fabrics can introduce sound absorption which can improve sleep.

Every House Has a Smell

It’s no secret that everyone’s house smells a bit different. Narrowing in on which scents you, and your family, prefer is key. Candles, diffusers, cleansers, and more are great ways to lean into those scents that speak most to you. And, if you’re concerned about air quality in your home, purify it (while also adding style) with certain houseplants.

Houseplants and gallery wall surrounding shelf


Touch: Let It Feel Like Home

The sense of touch can be implemented into many different decor and design elements. Adding multiple textures throughout a space will add to the aesthetic, while also creating that feel good home vibe. Consider mixing different textiles with baskets, wood, metals, and more to add a softness to the structure of the space.

design elements laid out in flatlay style photography in Roseville, CA
The Alustra® Collection

Don’t Forget the Heart of the Home

Implementing a few simple routines in the kitchen, can make for simplicity regarding snack and meal times in the home. Having a bowl of fresh fruit on the counter, surrounding the table for family dinners, or preparing a meal together are all ways to keep everyone looking forward to spending that quality time.

blue cabinetry and modern bar area with large picture windows and shades
Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades

You Deserve to Create Your Feel Good Home

If parts of your home aren’t working for you and your family, here is the sign to change them! In some rooms, you may crave a total overhaul, but in others, maybe you’re just not reaching that one sense that would make it all feel complete. Our team here at California Window Fashions is passionate about helping you make your house a home that you love. Contact us today for your FREE in home consultation.