Transforming Your Outdoor Space: French Door Shades

A refreshing breeze, the warmth of morning sunshine–your outdoor space was meant to be enjoyed. Even from the comfort of your home, with your windows and doors, you should be able to take in your gorgeous view and revel in our California sunshine. And in that moment is when you need options. The expanse of your large windows and patio doors means that you also need smart, stylish, functional solutions for light control, energy efficiency and privacy. French door shades are particularly important in this area, due to the intense sunlight. However, our beautiful landscapes were meant to be enjoyed, so you need choices that will allow you access to experience the outdoor space you know and love.


Enjoy Your View.

With doors that lead to the outdoors, while you need smart coverings, you don’t want to cover up too much. Maximum view-through provides the chance to enjoy your view while protecting the inside of your home. Sheers diffuse the harsh glare for a pleasant atmosphere of soft light. The floating vanes are nearly invisible, marked only by the clean look of delicate lines. Rarely opened, yet easily adjusted, these french door shades are convenient and functional while offering tremendous style.


Experience the Light.

With a great expanse of large windows and patio doors, your home receives amazing light, but it can often be way too much at times, and too little when you need it most. The intense California sunshine entering through windows and doors provides the frustration of overheating, annoying glare and harmful UV rays.

french door with draperies
Design Studio® Drapery Panels, Duette® Shades with Duolite®

French door shades bring innovative qualities to your home, such as dramatic light control, incredible view-through and energy efficiency. The rotating fabric vanes of Luminette Privacy Sheers can be a terrific solution, allowing you to invite in soft, diffused light, dispersed throughout your home. Experience the benefits of soft natural light while protecting your home from typical California sunshine frustrations.


Delight in the Function.

The best part of french door shades is the capability they have to make your life a whole lot easier. These are high-traffic doors, especially noticeable this time of year when you’re longing to get some fresh air! French door shades must provide function that improves your lifestyle with convenience and ease of access.

french door roman shades in white door coverings northern california
Luminette® Privacy Sheers

Depending upon your style preferences, both vertical and horizontal options are available. Low profile design makes it easy to operate the handles–a huge consideration when it comes to patio doors, sliding glass doors and french doors. PowerView motorization is the latest innovation to meet your lifestyle needs, making the benefits and functional operation of your french door shades just the ‘touch-of-a-button’ away.


Consider Plantation Shutters.

An amazing option for your french doors, plantation shutters provide incredible benefits and sophisticated style. Unlike french door shades, adding shutters to the doors that lead to your outdoor space will allow you to have the window treatments locked in place without movement. Easily adjusted for light control and privacy, french door shutters offer the customization of handle cut-outs and tilt options.

french door shutters with handle cut outs in El Dorado City CA
Palm Beach™ Polysatin Shutters

Ready to enjoy your outdoor space on a whole new level? French door shades, among other options for patio doors and sliding glass doors, bring incredible style to your space with valuable benefits. Our design consultants, at California Window Fashions, know what you’re facing on a daily basis. We’ll come to your home, for a free consultation, to guide you with inspiration and advice. We’ll help you decide which french door shades will transform your home! Contact our team today!