5 Trends in Window Treatments You Need to Know!

Need style tips? What to know what’s hot? Let’s sit down to chat with one of our design experts–our own window covering specialist, Courtney. She’s dishing out the details on the top trends in window treatments for Northern California…

#1 What’s the most popular choice for homeowners?

Clients love the timeless look of roller shades and roman shades. When we talk trends in window treatments, those two styles are timeless. What changes tends to have more to do with updating personal design choices and the innovative feature that have come so far in this industry.

sliding glass patio window panels in Northern CA mansion
Designer Roller Shades

#2 Which feature is the hottest right now?

Definitely smart shades. Home automation–in general–has seen a huge boost. Homeowners have embraced smart home features in all facets of their lives, and the more they can add to the system, the better. While the idea of touch of a button adjustments is enticing, what really draws people to the technology is far beyond that.

smart home integration of automated shades in el Dorado Hills, CA home
PowerView® Automation

Because the integration is meant to work with the personal smart home system of your choice, there’s no learning curve to be afraid of. You can set it and forget it. It’s simple. And, it adds levels of privacy, energy efficiency and comfort that we all love having at our fingertips.


#3 Is there one style statement that’s topping the trends in window treatments?

The layered look is incredibly popular. Starting with a roman or roller shade, then pairing it with side drapery panels, is such a timeless statement.

design studio southwest style dining room with roller shades and drapery
Design Studio™ Drapery with Roller Shades

Because it’s rooted in classic design, I’m not sure it can be labeled a trend–but, what’s trending are the colors and fabrics that change over time. Simplicity is one direction clients like to go–soft whites or neutrals.

patterned roman shades with side drapery panels
Design Studio™ Drapery & Roman Shades

On the other hand, we are seeing a lot of interest in moody colors, homeowners that want to customize the look with a deeper, darker palette.


#4 When decorating an entire home, what’s your go-to for window coverings?

I like to help clients choose window coverings like they would choose furniture–the style, colors and textures that they love, with a focus on specific room function. It’s not about making the home “match,” it’s more important to put together a cohesive look. We spend time discussing the lifestyle of each space, considering the operation of the windows and doors, and then browse fabrics and collections to coordinate everything.

sheer shades on doors and silhouette shades on windows in the same home
Luminette® Privacy Sheers on Sliders with Silhouette® Shades on Windows

In this area, pairing Luminettes with Silhouettes is a great option. You get to enjoy the view and the light, but you don’t have to sacrifice the “workings” of the space. It all comes together so nicely. We have a good amount of clients that love a mix of shutters with roller shades for a simple, clean finish. And, then, like we talked about–layering is a great style option for pairing shades and draperies.


courtney smith window covering professional at california window fashions#5 What question do you get asked most often?

“What do you have in your own home?”

Our clients love to hear about our own personal experiences when it comes to living with window coverings. Which makes sense–it’s an important investment in the home. It’s a great feeling to know that there’s a level of trust with my clients, that they understand that I firmly believe in our mission here. Window treatments are vital to the atmosphere, look and comfort of a home.


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