Unveiling the Upcoming Color Palette 2022

The Pantone Color Institute experts have unveiled the Upcoming Color Palette 2022. It reveals a sense of celebration, new aspirations, and looking toward the future. Interior designers, fashion enthusiasts, and DIY home renovators will be looking to these stand-out shades and the top neutral hues to guide them in the upcoming months. Let’s dive a little deeper into these trending colors.


Familiar Gets a Makeover

The appeal of timeless pairings like black, white, and red get reimagined. The vibrant, tonal combinations are seen in this patio space. One trend forecast clearly visible in the upcoming color palette 2022 is the ability of colors to radically contrast each other and usher in a sense of singular personality.

patio deck with the upcoming color palette 2022 used on pink door and gray siding
Innuendo, Coca Mocha, Poppy Seed & Perfectly Pale


Make a Splash

The heat of Poinciana Red plus the sugary sweetness of Gossamer Pink? Applied in this kitchen, they illustrate the desire for adventure and spontaneity. We also see the introduction of neutral tones. These bring the heat down and infuse tranquility and a sense of well-being into the space. And check out those light fixtures. We’re guessing that a lot more uniquely styled features like these will be cropping up soon.

gossamer pink and light green kitchen inspired by pantone color of the year
Gossamer Pink, Northern Droplet, Poinciana & Basil


Choose Classic Neutrals

Calm and comfortable is another trend that we’ll be seeing more of in every market segment of design as we continue to embrace simplicity and minimalist living.
Seasonless neutrals create the vibe of inner peace, an invitation to unwind, and the warmth of being at home and when paired with one of the other upcoming color palette 2022 hues? They become iconic.

seadiver blue and neutral hues in modern penthouse
Perfectly Pale, Harbor Blue & Poppy Seed


Rules Need Not Apply

When everything in life gets turned on its head you can expect the same in the color trends that follow. Kitchens are becoming an all-out rule breaking space. All white or stained wood cabinetry and fixtures are being traded in for paint colors that sizzle and delight us in dynamic red and black to airy blue and gray. The permission to escape the mold and create your own unique space is more present than ever and we love it!

upcoming color palette 2022 used in bright California kitchen
Daffodil, Glacier Blue, Northern Droplet & Poinciana


Time to Chill Out

Up tight design is getting replaced with colors and styles that reflect the landscape of newfound liberation and an increased craving to let go of being too serious. But don’t let the chill vibes fool you, the colors in the palette are still able to offer luxury looks and contemporary atmosphere.

hunter douglas drapery panels in light blue and creamy satin stripes in california
Design Studio® Draperies | Glacier Blue, Coca Mocha, Basil & Perfectly Pale

Blue Creates Atmosphere

Blue is a quintessential color that brings so many things together. Soft, serene, dramatic, or dark it’s a chameleon color and this year it is featured four different times in varying hues. This dining room “wows” by mixing Skydiver, a lavish blue, with this stunning grasscloth backdrop that brings the natural elements back to the forefront of the space. We also can’t wait to see the color of coffee and cocoa beans come waltzing back in this year.

mid century modern dining room with wood accents and grasscloth backdrop
Basil, Skydiver & Coca Mocha

Make a Statement

It’s time to let go of your perceptions of what design should look like and create something that is all your own. Start by making a statement in your space that makes you happy, that comforts you, and brings you pure joy. It’s a wonderful thing to be yourself and color is one way of doing that. From super funky chairs, to splashy artwork, and thrift store accent pieces, the world is yours to explore.

fuchsia and brown color palette for sleek urban dining room styles
Dahlia, Coca Mocha, Poppy Seed & Snow White

The Upcoming Color Palette 2022: Which Color do You Love?

Interior styling and design has always been a unique means of self-expression and personal flair. But this year, more than any other, we see the spotlight on bright colors. They tell about living in the moment and the desire to be more yourself than you’ve ever been. This is what this palette is all about and at California Window Fashions, that’s what we’re all about too. So if you’ve been waiting for a sign to get that one project done on your to-do list, then let’s do it together! Contact our team for your FREE consultation.