Window Treatments for Every Room: A Walk Through

If you’ve searched for window coverings, you probably know how many details there are to choose from. The fabrics, the fit, the operating systems…it can get overwhelming at times. This is one of the reasons we offer the one-on-one consultation. We sit down to chat about window treatments for every room–which window issues you’re having, depending on the space, and how your family uses the individual rooms over the course of the day.

The Front of the Home

The entryway to your home needs two features: privacy and light. You want to restrict the view into the home, but not so much that it feels like a cave. We have various window coverings that can offer both privacy and light.

  • Top down shades
  • Split tilt shutters
  • Dual shades
entryway door with top down bottom up window shades in sidelights Roseville, Ca
Duette® Honeycomb Shades


All in a Day’s Work

When it comes to outfitting your home office with window treatments, you want bright, mood-enhancing light without the glare. You should have an atmosphere free of harsh light. And, privacy is an important factor here, too. Sheers soften the light and cut the glare, offering privacy during the day–even when open. Nighttime privacy when closed means that adding automation to your home office shades will quickly become a favorite.

home office neutral scheme luminette sheer shades window treatments for every room in roseville CA
Luminette® Privacy Sheers


The Heart of the Home

A room that sees a ton of activity over the course of a day? The kitchen. It’s a busy place from sun-up to sun-down. This is a room where you’ll want to think about how the light affects the space. Which direction do the windows face? Where does the light come in relative to where you sit to have morning coffee or family dinners? If it’s a room that gets a ton of light already, the constant activity will make it feel like a sauna. But, as we walk you through window treatments for every room, keep in mind that the natural light is an asset during the day.

white kitchen shutters in Roseville, Ca
NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters


Alive with Activity

There’s a reason it’s called the “living” room. So much of life happens here. There’s also the “family” room, or even the “great” room. All of these names explain just how much time we spend in these spots. These spaces tend to be where out-of-reach windows live.

window treatments for every room on large windows in California living room
Silhouette® Window Shades

Extra large or specialty windows may also be found here. Because your family will enjoy time here at differing points throughout the day, it’s important to understand how and when the light enters. Style can also play an important role, since this is a common spot for guests.

jewel tones dining room interior design with vignette roller shades and white drapery panels in Loomis, Ca
Custom Drapery & Roman Shades


A Versatile Space

Which room are we talking about? While it could be any space, in this case, we are referring to the dining room. How does your family use yours? Is it a space that sees activity throughout the day, from morning breakfast to early evening homework? Or, is it reserved for Sunday dinners and holidays? The way your family uses this will be affected by the times of day and how the light enters.

white roller shades on large windows with side draperies in dining room in Roseville CA
Designer Roller Shades with Custom Draperies



A Good Night’s Sleep

The bedrooms of your home, like many homes, would benefit from room darkening and privacy. But, there’s so much more to it when you start looking into the specific details. For rooms that face intense sunlight or early morning sunrise, the option to seal out the light with LightLock™ is a sought-after feature. Other bedrooms could offer a good night’s sleep, while also bringing in mood-enhancing light during the day with the dual shades feature. Some homeowners have found that automated shades are an incredible way to customize the atmosphere of their rooms. Scheduled wake ups and low light wind down time in the evening occur without a second thought.

bedroom dual shade system Hunter Douglas shades El Dorado Hills 95762
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades


The Ultimate Privacy

When it comes to the bathrooms of your home, privacy is probably number one. What you might not realize, when discovering window treatments for every room, is that the operating system you choose can end up being the most important feature of the space. Nowhere is this more apparent than the bathrooms. Children and guests can easily access the privacy features without help. The coverage is hassle-free and natural light can easily enter when privacy is not necessary. custom luxury white privacy shades in master bathroom Lincoln, CA

Fabric Roman Shades

Another consideration is the layout of the bathroom. When the window is behind the tub, it can make access difficult, which can make it hard to enjoy the view and natural light. This is where smart shades can be an asset for creating the right atmosphere in an instant.

Find Window Treatments for Every Room

Trying to decide on window coverings, along with all of the details, can becoming overwhelming. It’s helpful to sit down with a window covering specialist to walk through the rooms of your home. Chat about issues you’re having, and the vision you’d love for your home. Get in touch with the team at California Window Fashions for your FREE consultation.