Before and After: An Amazing Transformation

Are you tired of your windows controlling your life? Do you find yourself fleeing rooms during certain parts of the day because of direct sun, glare, or uncomfortable temperatures? Then, it sounds like your home’s in desperate need of a transformation. Light control’s the solution, and we’re confident that it’ll change both your home and your life! Just look at the dramatic effects that window shades had in this living room. Right now you might find that your spaces are more like the “before” of this before and after transformation, but, with the right window coverings, they can be the “after,” and you can live in comfort and in control!


Before = Out of Control

The light in this room is out of control. With only glass separating it from the outside world, life inside is at the mercy of the sun. Blinding rays, horrific glare, scorching (or freezing) temperatures…there’s no way anyone’s hanging out here in comfort. Does this remind you of a room in your own home? Well, you’re not alone.

before and after window shades on bare floor to ceiling windows

So many of our clients have been in this situation, and it’s usually for one of three reasons:

  • They don’t have time to seek solutions
  • They feel lost when it comes to choosing window coverings
  • Other priorities in life have left buying window coverings on the to-do list

So, did you think, “That’s me,” when you read one of the reasons? Don’t worry, life has a way of thwarting even our best intentions. Here’s the problem, though. When you live for an extended period of time without the right window coverings, you lose control. Light begins to dictate your life. It makes it unbearable to be in some rooms during certain parts of the day. And, while you can escape, your valuables can’t. Not to mention that your privacy is thrown, almost literally, out the window. Everyone can see you enjoying a lazy Saturday morning in your PJs with a cup of coffee and some serious bedhead. Don’t let this be your story anymore. Take charge, and let us help you make a change. You can be the next before and after transformation!


Busy Life = We’ll Come to You

We know you’re busy and that you’re probably thinking, “How will I ever find the time to research window covering solutions, look at the latest designs, and then shop around to get the right product?” Window coverings are an investment, and it’s important to find ones that meet your home’s specific needs and design. When you go it alone, you can spend weeks, even months, getting window coverings for just one room–or even just one window! No one has that kind of time to spend on their windows, and we’re happy to tell you that you don’t need it. We’ll come to you!

We’ll see the very windows and spaces that you need solutions for in your home with…

  • Sample books
  • Design options
  • Tons of expert advice

We’ll help you assess your needs and choose products that will meet them. We’ll work around your schedule and provide a shop-at-home experience that’ll have the right window coverings in your rooms in no time. One phone call is all you need to be well on your way toward the “after” of a before and after transformation that’ll give you the home of your dreams.


After = Comfort and Control

Just look at the incredible difference that window coverings made in this living room.

before and after with window shades on large windows
Silhouette® Window Shades

Who even knew the rug was such a gorgeous accent piece? The whole room is even more beautiful, and not to mention functional, thanks to Silhouette window shadings. They allow maximum view-through while providing UV protection and eliminating glare. Plus, they can be tilted or completely closed for privacy and are available with a variety of options for adjustment and operation to work perfectly no matter what design challenges may arise in a space. Silhouettes, among many other window covering options, might be just what you need to get “after” results like these in a before and after transformation of your own home. Trust us, the right window coverings will put control back in your hands and grant you the comfortable home you’re longing for.


Let’s Get Started!

It’s time to get past your reasons for living in a home where light controls you and start living life the way you want. It is possible to enjoy natural light, a breathtaking view, and privacy on your own terms…window coverings make it possible. At California Window Fashions, we want to turn possibilities into realities for you. We want to get your before and after transformation started today. Setting up a free appointment is the first step. Then, we’ll come to you and guide you toward solutions that’ll change your home and your life. If you’re ready to have a comfortable home that you’ll love, contact our team to get started today!