The FAQs of Smart Blinds

Get smart California, and embrace the latest window treatment trend! The time is now to incorporate smart blinds and automation into your home. Be part of the tech revolution, and discover one of the most talked about subjects in home window covering design. We can get you up to speed with what’s new, answer any question you may have and discuss a plan for you. The team at California Window Fashions has put together a list of FAQs for people in the market for automated shades. Let’s get clear answers today.

Which Window Coverings Can Be Automated?

In short: Blinds, Shades, Shutters & Drapery can all be created with automation. That’s right–California Window Fashions even offers Smart Shutters! With so many categories available, you’ll come to know automated window treatments by many different names, from smart shades to motorized drapes and many, many more…

motorized shutters in bathroom with standing tub Northern CA
Palm Beach™ Motorized Shutters with Split Tilt

What’s the Difference Between Them All?

Automated window coverings, such as smart shades, remote control blinds and automated shutters share a couple characteristics in common. They all have motors that operate the adjustments, and they cannot be manually adjusted. See the details from a recent article to better understand the differences. In the end, it’s the capabilities of the features, and ways to operate, that create the differences in the products. The controls range from simple push buttons for instant adjustments, all the way to voice commands through a smart device.

How Does the App Work?

Hunter Douglas PowerView Automated shades are a well respected choice in the industry, partly because of their user-friendly system set up. They continually make improvements and update the app to make sure you can easily access the features of your shades in a simple and effective way. It’s this easy, watch here:

Are They Plug In?

There are a couple ways to power up your automated window coverings, hardwire or batteries. If you are designing a new build, an efficient way would be to run low voltage wiring for your smart shades. For most clients, batteries are the most practical.

What about Battery Powered Shades?

In most cases, homeowners choose battery power. Remote control blinds use little energy, even if you are adjusting shades daily. Expect to change the batteries only every year or two. In addition, Hunter Douglas has created a rechargeable battery wand that is made to fit with the headrail of motorized shades as a more sustainable choice. No need for disposable batteries.

charger for rechargeable batteries in Northern CA
Battery Rechargeable Battery Wand for Hunter Douglas Shades

Are Remote Control Blinds Loud?

There is little sound associated with motorized blinds. Some describe remote shades as whisper quiet. A low humming is all you should hear when your smart shades are adjusting.

ipad to control smart blinds Folsom CA
EverWood® with PowerView® Automation

Do Motorized Shades Last Long?

The commitment to motorized shades is worth it. Since motorized shades and blinds aren’t handled as often as manually controlled window treatments, they tend to stay in good condition longer.

Are Motorized Shades Worth the Cost?

Another frequently asked question about smart shades is: How much do they cost? As with any home improvement project, it’s best to set a budget and stick to it. Motorized shades are more costly than manual, so first determine which features are important to you and prioritize. The good news is that investing in your home with top quality Hunter Douglas window treatments will increase the value of your home-especially if they are automated. Listed below are a number of factors that contribute to the cost of automated shades:

  • Type of automation (individual window/wand, remote control, smart home integration)
  • The number of windows you’ll be covering
  • The type of window shades you choose
  • Added features (top down, dual shades)

Hunter Douglas shades are compatible with the most common smart home systems, like Control4, Elan, Logitech and more. You can easily control them with Alexa and Siri too. Depending on the brand, you may need additional components if you choose smart home integration, so keep that in mind as you shop. The ability for Hunter Douglas products to utilize the smart home system you already have can be a cost savings. And, there are others…

The “Hidden Savings” of Smart Blinds.

Savings are a valid consideration when weighing the options of smart blinds. Past clients report they wish they had installed automated shades sooner. Here’s why:

  • Hard-to-reach window shade adjustments are a breeze
  • The ease of maintaining interior temperatures with scheduled or instant adjustments
  • Time saved adjusting multiple windows
  • The increased security they feel at night or on vacation with automatic adjustments
  • How simple it is to bring in natural light instead of using overhead lights

The Most Important Consideration

We’ve been in business a long time. At California Window Fashions, we know everything there is to know about adding smart shades to your home. If you’re thinking of improving your home with technology at the window, it’s best to work with someone you can trust. Any new technology presents challenges at first, and we are here to walk you through, from design to installation–and beyond. At California Window Fashions, we offer the best products on the market, and brand reputation matters when it comes to quality home projects. Let us lead the way, contact us for a FREE consultation.