Plantation Shutters: The Beauty Is In the Details

There’s no denying the gorgeous finish that plantation shutters can add to your home. The clean lines, the view to your landscape, the elegance of refined finishes that complement your decor–shutters are simply stunning. Do you know what features are your favorites? Do you know all of the customizable options that will create the perfect look in your home? We have three different collections available–explained in this helpful guide. And for the intricate details of customization, we’re here to offer some of the most important features of plantation shutters that will fit your style and your home.


plantation shutters front tiltCustomize the Function for Each Window.

Just like each room in your home serves a different function, so do your windows. The beauty of plantation shutters is that regardless of the operating feature you choose for individual windows and doors, the design and styling of your space is coordinated. With three operating features: hinged panel, Bi-fold track and Bypass track, you can meet the unique needs of your home’s characteristics. Whichever you choose, know that all three operating features are simple to use with child-safety in mind.


plantation shutters bypass trackLet’s Talk Tilt.

You have two choices when it comes to the tilt of your plantation shutters. The first, front tilt, we consider to be classic styling, carrying the traditional look of shutters. The tilt bar runs down the center–it’s the classic styling you’ve come to love. The second choice is known as rear tilt, or even more aptly named as hidden tilt, hiding the tilt bar behind the side of your shutters. Both tilt choices mean your shutters are easily adjusted by touching the louvers. The look of rear tilt lends itself toward contemporary styling. Without the tilt bar in front, your view-through is maximized, also allowing for a cleaner, more sleek appearance.


plantation shutters specialty shapesMake a Statement with Design Features.

The function of your plantation shutters, from tilt choices to operating features are incredibly important to the atmosphere of your home. But what about the details of style? Shutters complement a wide range of styles because of all they have to offer your home’s design. Available in paints, stains and woodgrains, it’s up to you to choose what look you love. And then there’s the specialty shapes and customization for characteristics. From arches and angles, to door handle cutouts and bay windows, plantation shutters will provide the sophisticated look your windows need.


Have you been thinking about adding the sharp design of plantation shutters, but you just don’t know where to start? Our team would love to help. With so many options, the choices may seem overwhelming. With our expert knowledge, we can listen to your needs and visit your home to help you figure out the plantation shutters that will create the perfect look in your home. Contact us, at California Window Fashions, for a free, in-home consultation.

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