Winter Solutions: Enjoy Cozy Comfort Today & Year-Round

The nights are cooling down and the sun’s going to bed early. Those are clear signs that winter is on its way. Are you ready? Is your home? Having the right winter solutions for your windows can change everything. You’ll be able to harvest mood-boosting natural light, stay private when you want to, and enjoy comfort and energy efficiency. And the best part? These solutions won’t stop working once winter’s over–even when the sun is scorching. They’ll enhance your life the whole year through!


winter solutionsLet in the Light

Dark, dark, darkness. I don’t know about you, but that’s the biggest thing that gets to me when winter arrives. The sun sinks away by 5:00, and the darkness sets in for the long haul. If you’re like me, winter always makes you cherish the sunlight, and you want every gorgeous, smile- and energy-inducing ray to flow into your home. But, you definitely don’t want the problems that come with bare windows. The right winter solutions for your windows give you control. With light-filtering fabrics and features that allow you to control the amount and direction of entering light, you’ll achieve tremendous results this winter and all year round!


winter solutionsStay Private

Gone are the days of glimmering evening sunshine until 8:00pm. During winter you’ll find yourself switching on the light not long after the kids get home from school! While artificial lighting is essential for being able to see inside your home, it also gives everyone outside a clear view inside too. Yikes! You NEED privacy to be comfortable. But keeping your windows fully covered all the time can make things feel a bit cave-like. So what’s the answer? Top down bottom up shades are the winter solutions you need. By lowering just the top, you can enjoy flowing light across your ceiling and sky views when the sun’s out and, later, glimpses at the twinkling night lights. The rest of your window remains covered to keep your privacy and comfort intact.


winter solutionsKeep Cozy

And speaking of comfort, without winter solutions for your windows, winter’s chill is bound to come right into your home. When you leave your windows exposed, you can experience up to 50% energy loss. That may sound crazy, but it’s true. It’s also true that you can boost energy efficiency at the window to protect your home. Energy-efficient window coverings create a layer of insulation. Chilly drafts disappear, the temperature of your home stays cozy, and you save on your energy bill. Win, win, win! And when the heat of summer returns? That same layer of insulation will work to keep you cool and comfortable.


winter solutions

Winter Solutions Now, Benefits Year-Round

Colder weather is just around the bend, so now’s the time to get winter solutions in place for your windows. Once you do, you’ll enjoy perfect lighting, privacy control, and pleasant temperatures in your home. And the benefits will last well beyond winter’s darkness and chill. So, check “window treatments” off your to-do list today, and then relax knowing you’re set for year-round comfort. If your idea of relaxing means staying in bed, why not create a bedroom sanctuary to enjoy this winter? Here’s a recent article for inspiration. You might also consider motorized window coverings. With the touch of a button, you can adjust your blinds and shades while snuggled under the covers. You know what else you can do? Get in touch with our team here at California Window Treatments. We’ll help you schedule a free, in-home consultation and achieve all that you want for your home.