Romans VS Rollers: Which Suit You Best?

Both roman shades and roller shades have their place in design. Both are stylish, functional, and help to keep the home’s atmosphere. So Romans VS Rollers? Let’s break it down to see which style of shades suit you best.


A Look at Roman Shades 

Roman shades are treatments that raise or lower with the pull of a cord. The fabric softly raises into folds at the top of the window when they are raised all the way up. Roman shades today come in many different colors, textures, and fabrics so they are sure to match nearly any interior design style in a space. The shade fabrics can also take on different “styles” of folds. Each type of fold differs slightly, and overall, there are some that naturally look more traditional, while some lean more toward a modern style.


Vignette Modern Roman Shades

  • Fabric that overlaps and cascades down the window
  • As shade is raised up, the fabric gathers into folds
glass patio doors covered with gray roman shades for trapping heat
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades 

Custom Roman Shades

  • When lowered on the window, the fabric lies flat
  • Fabrics are folded when in the raised position
  • Details can be added on to enhance dimension
  • Many patterns & prints to choose from for the fabric
patterned roman shades with side drapery panels
Custom Roman Shades


Roller Shades

Roller shades function just how the name implies. When you don’t want them in use, they simply raise and roll into the headrail. Over the past few years, roller shades have seen major updates that have taken them from their original, simple state, to a design favorite that fits with many styles.


Designer Roller Shades

  • Fabrics ranging in opacity levels from light filtering all the way to room darkening
  • Roll to top of window in order to maximize the view
  • Sleek, low profile finish
designer custom roller shades in mid century modern living room El Dorado Hills, CA
Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades


Designer Screen Shades

  • Also referred to as Solar Shades
  • Five different opacities offered
  • Roll up out of the way
  • Preserve view
tall windows on entire wall with draperies and roller screen shades in Lincoln, Ca
Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades


Custom Roller Shades

  • Specialty fabrics available
  • Many patterns and prints to fit any style
  • Roll up out of view
patterned cordless roller shades in el Dorado Hills, CA
Custom Roller Shades


A Comparison: Romans VS Rollers

Which type of shade are you more drawn to? Romans VS rollers? With countless options of fabrics and styles, both are sure to look great within any space in your home. While the look of shades is important, the functionality needs to match your needs as well.

Comparison of romans vs rollers


This is Where Rolling Romans Come In…

A perfect combination of the two. Everything that people love about roman and roller shades all rolled into one. The Vignette Collection features window treatments that roll up, rather than creating the piled look at the top of the window, while still having the dimension we’re used to with romans while lowered.

Bedroom with vignette modern roman shades
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

The Decision is Yours!

Romans VS rollers… No matter which you’re more drawn to, our team of experts here at California Window Fashions is always here to help. With either option you can welcome in more light control, privacy, ease of use, and so much more. Contact us today to schedule your FREE in-home consultation.