Window Covering Innovations for Your Home

With the world constantly changing, and all of the new technology being introduced each day, homes are not falling behind! There are so many ways to create a “smart” home and simply add new, convenient features in order to add style and function to your house. We want to make sure you’re not missing any of the new features out there! We have compiled a list of some of the best window covering innovations of today’s world.


#1 Designer Banded Shades

One of the coolest product innovations has been Designer Banded Shades. These shades are all about making things easier! It only takes a simple twist of your wrist to transform your atmosphere from light filtering to room darkening. Click here to read more.

Designer banded shades in California home.

#2 Motorized Shades

Imagine simply saying “Hey Google, close my living room shades.” With voice controlled shades, you can do just that! Even when your hands are completely full, or you don’t want to lose your comfy seat on the couch, you can alter the light flowing into any space. Find out more here.

Motorized shades window covering innovations.

#3 Voice Controlled Shutters

Shutters are now added to the line up of motorized products! This timeless look is now so simple to adjust to meet just about any lighting preference. Your new plantation shutters will now tilt with a simple click of a button or quick voice command. Find more details here.

Motorized shutters in California home.

#4 LightLock will be Your New Best Friend

Do you have a pesky street light that shines in through your bedroom windows at night? Well, we have the perfect solution! LightLock is one of the new window covering innovations that will allow for complete darkness. These shades are perfect for anyone who needs their beauty rest. Learn more about how it works.

LightLock is a window covering innovation.

#5 New Window Covering Innovations: TrackGlide

Does your home have any tricky windows that you think you can’t cover with any treatments? Look no further! TrackGlide is here for all of those French doors, odd corner windows, and even turn tilt windows. This new system will cover all your windows that just seem impossible. Read more about the innovation here.

Window covering innovations- duette shades for tilt turn windows.

Which Window Covering Innovations Seem Perfect for Your Home?

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